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In Brief: MemorialCare To Start Up Health Plan; California Slashes Antibiotic Use Free
Nov 28, 2012

MemorialCare To Start Up Health Plan

Long Beach-based hospital operator MemorialCare Health System has submitted an application to the California Department of Managed Health Care to operate a new health plan for Medi-Cal managed care and for children with chronic health conditions.

Individual Policy Premiums Mostly Flat Free
Nov 28, 2012
A new survey by Mountain View-based eHealth concludes there has been a significant moderation in price trends for individual healthcare coverage.
ACA May Help On Mental Health Premium Content
Nov 28, 2012
Hundreds of thousands of Californians currently falling through the cracks in terms of receiving mental health services are expected to benefit greatly from the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, according the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research.
Leapfrog Doles Out Safety Grades Premium Content
Nov 28, 2012
The latest hospital safety survey by the Leapfrog Group suggests California\'s facilities are sort of like Lake Wobegon\'s children – not all of them are above average, but a large number of them certainly are. However, the survey\'s controversy does not lie among the nearly 40% of hospitals that received “A” grades from the quality measurement organization, or the nearly 70% that scored a grade of “B” or better.
A New Era For Coordinated Care Premium Content
Nov 26, 2012
With the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services now reducing payments to hospitals with high readmission rates, providers are scrambling to find ways to reduce their numbers. One potential panacea is care coordination. This kind of comprehensive, in-depth care is being piloted around the country and the cut to the pocket book has placed hospitals at the helm of the change.
University of Iowa Disputes Audit; MetroHealth Names New CEO; Wayne State Medical School Receives Grant Premium Content
Nov 26, 2012

University of Iowa Hospitals Disputes Much of Medicare Audit


The University of Iowa Hospitals will refund $271,000 in overpayments it received from the Medicare program, but will dispute another $550,000 the federal government claims it owes.

Price For Minnesota Exchange Leaps Premium Content
Nov 26, 2012
Minnesota\'s state health insurance exchange will cost $54 million in 2015 to operate, according to Gov. Mark Dayton’s administration.
Chicago Expands Medicaid Program Premium Content
Nov 26, 2012
Cook County in Illinois has gotten an early start on the Affordable Care Act, beginning last week enrollment of about 115,000 residents into a local Medicaid program.
Medical Homes Premium Content
Nov 24, 2012
Medical Homes have been increasingly embraced by stakeholders as a key component of 21st century healthcare delivery. The ongoing challenge is to demonstrate the quality and value derived from the care delivered by patient-centered medical homes. During the week of November 5th, Medical Home News, MCOL and Payers & Providers jointly sponsored an online survey to ask industry stakeholders their perspectives on patient-centered medical homes.
In Brief: Cedars-Sinai Receives $20 Million Gift; ACA Trends More Favorably Free
Nov 14, 2012

Cedars-Sinai Receives $20 Million Gift

The founder of a leading Southern California financial management firm and his wife have made a $20 million grant to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center to facilitate the merging of biomedical research and clinical care.

Kaiser’s Earnings Come On Strong Free
Nov 14, 2012
Kaiser Permanente reported strong earnings for the third quarter ending Sept. 30, bounding back into profitability.
Health Net Enters ACO-Like Deal Free
Nov 14, 2012
Health Net, Hill Physicians Group and two major hospital operators in the Bay Area have entered into an ACO-style arrangement to provide care for nearly 6,500 University of California employees and retirees in San Francisco. The goal of the arrangement, which was announced earlier this week and will be implemented beginning in January, is to prevent any increases in the cost of care for the 6,100 UC employees and 380 non-Medicare retirees during 2013, officials said.
ER Insurance Initiative Saves Millions Free
Nov 14, 2012
A pilot project to obtain coverage for uninsured patients when they enter the emergency rooms of Sharp Healthcare has saved the San Diego-based hospital operator $5 million, prompting its permanent adoption. The pilot, launched in 2010 in conjunction with the San Mateo-based healthcare finance firm PointCare, was expected to run for just two months. It ran for slightly more than two years, and officials say the software will likely be installed at other hospitals outside of the four-hospital Sharp system.
Anthem, UC Enter Into Alliance Free
Nov 14, 2012
Anthem Blue Cross of California and the University of California have joined forces to create an alliance that will focus on developing healthcare policy and improving access to care for the state’s residents. The collaboration, which will be known as the California Health Alliance, will focus on areas such as the development of accountable care models to manage chronic conditions such as diabetes, and the expansion of telemedicine networks in order to improve care for residents of rural areas.
In Brief: Meridian Wins Dual-Eligibles Contract; Link Between Obesity, Ankle Injuries; New CSO For Minnesota Children\'s Free
Nov 12, 2012

Meridian Wins Illinois Dual-Eligibles Contract

Chicago-based Meridian Health Plan has received a contract from the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services to provide coverage to the dual-eligible population – those who are enrolled in both Medicare and Medicaid.

Healthcare Cultural Gaps Probed Free
Nov 12, 2012
A new study by the Minneapolis-area firms Cejka Search and Physician Wellness Services concluded that there is often a fundamental disconnect between the expectations of physicians and the healthcare organizations they work for.
Illinois For-Profit Hospitals Get Tax Break Free
Nov 12, 2012
A bill signed into law by Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn earlier this year meant to cut costs in the Medicaid program contained a minimum $10 million annual tax benefit to the state’s 28 for-profit hospitals, the Associated Press reported earlier this week in a special investigation.
Ford Merger Likely To Disappoint Free
Nov 12, 2012
When Henry Ford Health System and Beaumont Health System announced their intent to merge last week into 10-hospital system expected to dominate much of the healthcare landscape of the Detroit area, officials with both systems said that it was expected to cut costs and leverage prices from area insurers. Although it is too early to know what the impact of the merger might be on the community, history and studies have shown that hospital mergers often don’t achieve the positive results often expected by both parties.
Health Net, DHCS Settle Rates Lawsuit Free
Nov 11, 2012
Health Net has settled a long-running lawsuit with the Department of Health Care Services over the rates the agency paid for providing services to Medi-Cal managed care enrollees for much of the last decade. The terms reached between Health Net and the DHCS, which administers the Medi-Cal program, are unusual: they will be based entirely on the insurer’s pre-tax profit margins from managing its Medi-Cal population over the next seven years.
Voters Cap Pay At El Camino Hospital; Adult STI Initiative Passes; SCAN Launches Health Literacy Program Free
Nov 7, 2012

Santa Clara County Voters Pass Initiative To Limit Executive Pay At El Camino Hospital

Santa Clara County voters narrowly passed an initiative that would cap the salaries of executives at El Camino Hospital in Mountain View at twice the salary of the sitting California governor.