Community Medical Center Long Beach Says It Will Discontinue Inpatient Services

Another hospital in California is slated to close its inpatient services due to pending deadlines to make seismic upgrades.

            This time it’s Community Medical Center Long Beach, an affiliate of Orange County-based MemorialCare Health System. Officials said Community Medical will fall out of seismic compliance in mid-2019, at which point it will close its inpatient services. The hospital, which dates back to the 1920s although its main tower was built in the 1970s, sits on a seismically active fault and therefore would require huge and costly upgrades in order to remain compliant.

            MemorialCare acquired the property in 2011, when it was estimated it would have to spend $16 million on seismic upgrades. To date, the system has invested $22 million. MemorialCare does not own the land on which the facility stands.

            “We are all saddened that the findings were not more encouraging for the future of Community Medical Center Long Beach. Since the land and buildings are owned by the City of Long Beach, we will work collaboratively with the City on transition plans that focus on the needs of the community. In the meantime, we will continue operating the facility for a yet-to-be-determined period of time, providing quality and compassionate care,” said Community Medical Center Chief Executive Officer John Bishop in a statement. Bishop has indicated that the site would continue to offer healthcare services, but that the hospital’s inpatient beds and emergency room would shut down.

            Community Medical is the second California hospital in recent weeks that said it would end inpatient care due to seismic issues. Pacific Alliance Medical Center near downtown Los Angeles said it would close its doors at the end of November. In that instance, the facility will shut down completely and lay off all staff.

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