Kaiser Statewide Enrollment and Utilization data

California Factoid: 1/19/18

Kaiser Permanente statewide had 8,630,410 members as of September 30, 2017, including 136,447 Medi-Cal risk, 1,115,804 Medicare risk, 664,336 Individual products and 823,650 small group products. 

For the third quarter 2017, their annualized hospital days per 1,000 were 151 for large group commercial, 614 for Medicare risk, 180 for Med-Cal risk, 132 for Individual and 111 for small group. Their average inpatient length of stay was 3.80 for large group commercial, 4.16 for Medicare risk, 3.49 for Med-Cal risk, 3.74 for Individual and 3.48 for small group
Source: California Department of Managed Healthcare

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