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Their Bargaining Power Has Eroded Over The Decades
Posted on: Sep 14, 2017 By By Niran Al-Agba, M.D.
It’s Just a Business, Not a Dignified System For Healing
Posted on: Sep 7, 2017 By By David Introcaso
The Future of Digital Health? It’s Secret For Now
Posted on: Aug 24, 2017 By By Lygeia Ricciardi
Bipartisan Support For Changes is Uncertain
Posted on: Aug 17, 2017 By By Steven Findlay
Failure to Repeal and Replace ACA has created an Opening
Posted on: Aug 10, 2017 By By Margalit Gur-Arie
There’s No Other Way to Describe HHS’ Anti-ACA Videos
Posted on: Aug 3, 2017 By By Ron Shinkman
The Impact Could Devastate The U.S. Economy
Posted on: Jul 27, 2017 By By Ross Koppel and Jasmine Martinez
One Solution: Medicare For All -- Through Vouchers
Posted on: Jul 13, 2017 By By Daniel Stone, M.D.
The Lack of Transparency Drives Up Costs
Posted on: Jun 29, 2017 By By Megan Adamson, M.D.
It Is Partly a Reaction to Barack Obama’s Years in Office
Posted on: Jun 22, 2017 By By Ron Shinkman
Georgia Blues Would Charge Patients Full Freight For Unnecessary Care
Posted on: Jun 15, 2017 By By Jim Purcell
Publishing in Consumer Magazines Could Combat False Assumptions
Posted on: Jun 8, 2017 By By Benjamin Mazer, M.D.
They Would Weaken The Already Tepid HIPAA Protections
Posted on: Jun 1, 2017 By By Adrian Gropper, M.D.
Uncertainty on Premium Subsidies Could Cause Costs to Rise
Posted on: May 25, 2017 By By Steven Findlay
Louisiana’s Attempt to Invoke Obscure Federal Law Could be Game-Changer
Posted on: May 17, 2017 By By Robert Pearl, M.D.
Some GOP Members of California’s Congressional Delegation Won’t Be Back
Posted on: May 10, 2017 By By Ron Shinkman
They Delay Care to Millions of Seriously Ill Americans
Posted on: May 4, 2017 By By Craig Blinderman, M.D.
Most Have Large Profit Margins And Highly-Paid Executives
Posted on: Apr 26, 2017 By By Niran Al-Agba, M.D.
Instead, They Will Achieve The Opposite Impact
Posted on: Apr 20, 2017 By By David Introcaso
Recent Remarks Have Gone Beyond The Pale
Posted on: Apr 13, 2017 By By Julie Kim, M.D.